Spend and
Behavior Guidance

Reduce travel spend and improve policy compliance by leading travelers towards better decisions.

Guide travelers towards appropriate spend, lead them to better decisions, and call attention to preferred options.

Tripkicks runs within your booking tool and presents travelers with insights and information about their flight and lodging options. Companies can utilize custom messaging and visual hints to guide travelers towards recommended and preferred options.

Guide travelers towards appropriate spend

Tripkicks Budget algorithm calculates and presents travelers with a real-time dynamic rate target, to better guide them towards appropriate spend. The Tripkicks Budget is displayed at the top of the OBT search results, along with Tripkicks Actionable Insights. 

Companies can determine whether to use this number as a simple target, or can choose to reward travelers when they’re able to go above and beyond and book options that beat their budget.

Lead travelers towards
better decisions

Travelers are looking for recommendations to help them make better decisions. Tripkicks enables companies to better lead their travelers with customizable and helpful hints, positioned directly within their search results. Travelers can easily see which property or supplier option are recommended by their company.

Call attention to
preferred options

Encourage the specific behaviors and choices you want from your travelers. Tripkicks makes it easy to call attention to preferred options, by marking recommended itinerary options and enabling companies to dynamically label them with custom text messaging.

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