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Keep your travelers safe and engaged with information and innovation to make business travel better.


Empower your travelers, enhance travel experience,
and make business travel better.

Tripkicks optimizes the traveler experience by empowering travelers with the necessary information to accurately plan their trip, providing confidence that they are making the best decisions, and encouraging travelers to go above and beyond.​

your travelers

Tripkicks helps companies provide their travelers with the important information they need to prepare for their trips. Travelers need to set their expectations appropriately and need to be advised about anything that may disrupt or impact their trip. Tripkicks brings all of this and more directly to the traveler, at the time of booking.

Encourage travelers to go above and beyond

Companies can choose to enable Tripkicks Rewards, which incentivizes travelers to go above and beyond. When travelers are able to beat their Tripkicks Budget, by leveraging company approved savings tactics, they can earn meaningful rewards.

Tripkicks Savings Tactics include:

Make business
travel better

There’s so much we can’t control, especially when it comes to travel. But with Tripkicks, companies can better empower their travelers to take control of business travel and take their travel program to the next level. Integrated seamlessly within your existing tech stack, Tripkicks allows you to communicate actionable and timely information on policies, safety, and risk, create a more cost conscious culture, and guide travelers to better decisions – all without leaving your booking tool.

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