Travel Insights

Build traveler confidence with information and guidance presented directly to travelers when booking.

Provide travelers with the important information they need, right when they need it most.

Tripkicks takes your booking tool to the next level, providing travelers with actionable and up-to-date insights on their trip - as they're booking - empowering them to make better decisions and be more informed on what to expect and what they can do to improve their trip.

Actionable Travel Insights

Tripkicks works seamlessly within your booking tool, so travelers can see real-time insights and alerts about their travel while booking their trip. Companies can choose which information to display to travelers, including insights and alerts around their safety, travel disruption, their destination, Covid-19 stats, spend and behavior guidance, as well as company-specific messages.

Up-to-date warnings and advisories on traveler and destination safety.
Quarantine Requirements
Know when quarantine is required at your destination and also your return home.
Real-time alerts on anything that could disrupt your trip, from origin to destination.
Current statistics and trends on Covid-19 for your destination and travel dates.
Up-to-date insights of Entry Restrictions in place for your destination.
Key attributes that make it easy to compare different flights and hotels.
Local intelligence on what’s happening at your destination that could affect your trip.
Fully custom messaging and data displayed directly to travelers during the booking process.

Flight and Lodging Guidance

Tripkicks presents travelers with details around their specific flight and lodging options, such as flight capacity, on-time performance, more environmentally-friendly options, cleanliness rankings; companies can add custom attributes as well. Companies can determine the level of guidance and support they wish to provide to their travelers, including incentives to motivate their travelers to go above and beyond.

On-Time Flight

Learn which flights are historically the most on-time with fewest delays.

Hotel Cleanliness

See hotels that are ranked in the top-tier for cleanliness, based on peer reviews. 

Flight Capacity

Select itinerary options with flights that have the most available seats.


Call attention to properties that have key amenities for business travelers.


Discover flights & lodging that are environmentally-friendly, based upon emissions & LEED status.

Earn Rewards

Encourage travelers to go above and beyond by rewarding choices which beat their budget.

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