Tripkicks Traveler Launch Portal

Welcome aboard!

Tripkicks provides you with actionable travel insights delivered at the time of booking to empower you with the necessary information for a successful trip.

Follow the 3 steps below to Launch Tripkicks.  Then, you’ll see Tripkicks appear when you do a search in Concur Travel.

If you need any assistance, email

--Step 1

Add the Tripkicks Browser Extension

We use a browser extension to display our insights and information within your Concur Search Results.

Add Tripkicks to the browser you use. If you use both Chrome and Edge, complete these 3 steps for one browser first before repeating for the other.

Microsoft Edge

--Step 2

Enter your Email Address into the Tripkicks banner in Concur

After you’ve added the Tripkicks Browser Extension, login to your page.

Enter your company email into the Tripkicks Banner that appears at the top of the page.

Next, you’ll receive an email from Tripkicks with your Code Word. You should receive this email quickly, but at some companies it may take a minute or two.

--Step 3

Enter your Code Word

You’ll receive a 6 letter Code Word in an email from Tripkicks.

Finally, go back to Concur and enter your Code Word.

Now Tripkicks is activated and will automatically appear in your Concur Search Results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (depending on which browser extension you added).  Refresh Concur and see if the banner appears.  You can also try a search in Concur, and see if the banner loads with the the results.  If you still do not see the banner, contact us us at  Note that when the extension is installed, you will see the Tripkicks icon listed in the browser, like below:

Please allow up to 3 minutes for the email, and check your spam folders in case it was accidently routed there.  The email is sent from .

If you cannot locate it, please contact us at

Please make sure that you entered the code word exactly as provided, and that you are using a code from a newly requested activation email.  If you cannot resolve the issue, please contact us at

Refresh Concur, and see if the banner disappears.  If that does not work, try a search in Concur to see if Tripkicks Insights load. 

When you search in Concur Travel, you should now see the Tripkicks Insights banner load with your search results.

Email us at

Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are supported.  As support for new browsers becomes available we will let your organization know.  

If the Google Chrome and/or the Microsoft Edge Stores are currently blocked by your Admin, you will see the following screen when you try to Add:  

Please contact to make us aware, and we will contact your company admin.

Please feel free to email with any feedback about the information being presented.  If your question is directly related to upcoming travel, please contact your travel agency or travel manager.

Click below to get the latest versions of Chrome or Edge:



Follow these steps to set Chrome as a default browser.

Follow these steps to set Edge as a default browser.

If you need to remove Tripkicks, simply right-click on the Tripkicks extension icon, and select “Remove from Chrome” or “Remove from Micosoft Edge”.  If you do not see the Tripkicks icon, click the browser extensions “puzzle” icon on the top right of your browser.